Third-party liability

Third-party liability

Cover the costs your company is liable for in cases of bodily injury, material or immaterial damage caused to third parties or clients.

For business owners and managers wishing to obtain third-party liability coverage appropriate to their organization and business activities and thus preserve the continuity of their business.

– Protection adapted to your organization and business activities.
– Risk management and financial support in case of a claim.

After an analysis of the risks to which your company is exposed, based on the technical, financial and human issues, we offer tailored made insurance solutions.

To prevent damage (accidents, deterioration of equipment, losses…) from negatively impacting your company, an ASCOMA representative will guide you and will accompany you all the way and will guarantee you the financial support you need.


– General third-party liability: this covers the company’s liability for bodily injury, material or immaterial damage caused by persons or representatives to who it is legally responsible.

– Professional third-party liability (including regulated activities): this covers any omission, error or negligence in the context of consultancy services provided by the company.

– Product liability: this arises in the event of a product recall or a claim against a defective product.

– Third-party liability for environmental damage: this is based on the “polluter pays” principle in case of environmental damage in accordance with the regulations.

– Third-party liability of directors: this covers the third-part liability of the company and its directors in their capacity as officers of the company.

– Third-party liability for sports event organizers: ASCOMA is your privileged intermediary for major cultural and sport events.

– Liability of the company regarding personal information relates to the application of the law in respect of information technology and clients` personal information in relation with cyber risks.

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