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Property and operating losses

A fire, flood, machine breakdown, equipment degradation or any other damage can severely disrupt your business activities, or even interrupt it, and lead to severe financial consequences.

These damages, material or not, are taken into account by our specialists who offer you insurance solutions covering all your material properties (movable and immovable) with multi-risk coverage adapted to the requirements of your business and the risks involved.

For companies who need to obtain solid guarantees for the protection of their material assets.

An understanding of the risks you are exposed to.

Personalized support in the structuring of your contract.

Follow-up in case of damage, financial loss and degradation.

ASCOMA offers you bespoke contracts that correspond precisely to the nature of your business and your location.


– Professional multi-risk insurance includes coverage to protect a company’s business premises, its property and its third-party liability. as well as coverage in the event of operating losses caused by an interruption of business activity.

– Industrial multi-risk insurance: these contracts established on the same basis as professional multi-risk insurance, are intended for industrial companies that sometimes need additional insurance or more specific prevention programs to their field of activities.

– Real estate multi-risk: coverage aims to protect a building, preserve the owner’s third-party liability and, in some cases, protect him against unpaid rents.


– Machinery breakdown coverage: can be integrated into multi-risk programs but some assets require an independent insurance contract, which is generally more specific depending on the machine, or where it relates to a single category of property, such as computers.

– Earthquake and attack coverage: covers material damage that occurs as a result of a natural disaster or an attack.

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