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Established in Abidjan in 1961 and more recently in San-Pedro, ASCOMA Ivory Coast conducts insurance brokerage and reinsurance activities throughout the country. ASCOMA Ivory Coast conducts insurance brokerage and reinsurance activities throughout the country.

ASCOMA Ivory Coast is a regional Hub which supervises West Africa Zone subsidiaries: Burkina Faso, Niger.

Ivory Coast at a glance*

  • Population: 26.3 million inhabitants
  • Area: 36,125 km2
  • GDP/capita 2019: 2,.286 (USD)
  • Real GDP growth 2019: 6.5%

*Source: Rapport du CIAN 2021

Jean-François Alauze
Jean-François Alauze
General Manager Ascoma Ivory Coast and West Africa Zone (ZAO)
  • 12 rue de l’Industrie – Immeuble SKYPARK – Zone 3 – Treichville
    01 BP 1554 Abidjan
  • (+225) 27 21 54 05 40 / 54 45 44
  • Monday till Friday:
    08h -> 12h – 13h15 -> 17h
    Saturday (permanence of the health department): 08h -> 12 p.m.
  • Deux plateaux – Commune de Cocody – Rue des Jardins 01 BP 1554 – Abidjan
  • (+225) 27 22 419 000
  • (+225) 07 77 29 81 70
  • Monday: 13h -> 18h
    Tuesday till Saturday:
    09h -> 18h
  • Boulevard de la République – Zone industrielle Sud – Secteur Sodeci – Ilot 29 C
    01 BP 1554 San-Pedro
  • (+225) 27 34 710 371
  • Monday till Friday:
    07h45 -> 12h15 – 13h30 -> 17h
    Saturday: 09h -> 12h
  • Rue du 7 décembre, Abidjan
    01 BP 1554 – Abidjan
  • (+255) 27 21 38 76 35
  • (+225) 07 07 75 57 55
  • Monday: 14h -> 18h
    Tuesday till Friday:
    09h -> 18h
    Sturday: 09h -> 13h

For more than 10 years, Groupe ASCOMA has developed proven solutions for managing the reimbursement of healthcare expenses of company employees. These health insurance solutions meet the expectations of Ivorian companies and employees:

  • – Access to third-party payment system for medical services
  • – Control of the budget allocated by the General Management of the company.

With the ASCOMA Health Card, companies and individuals can cover current medical expenses including optical, dentistry, pharmacy, consultations and hospitalization.

Today, ASCOMA Ivory Coast’s third-party health care network has expanded throughout the country, enabling our clients to have optimal access to healthcare.

Fast support

ASCOMA Ivory Coast provides its customers with a link to send by e-mail all requests for support with medical procedures and examinations subject to prior agreement, with the exception of optics:

To ensure quick processing of your claim, please attach to your e-mail the following documents:

  • – Completed application form
  • – Identity of the patient (name, surname and ASCOMA ID)
  • – Medical information.


Information related to unilateral increases – private sectors

The Ivory Coast Insurance Companies Association (ASACI) has issued a press release on the increase in the rates of clinics and doctors in the private sector as of July 1st, 2018.

This is a unilateral decision taken by some unions of clinics and practitioners and rejected by insurers. In cases where this increase is implemented, you would have to bear directly the difference in costs that would not be reimbursed by your insurer. Negotiations are under way to find a final solution between the parties.

For more information, contact your account manager:

A major local player in the insurance market, ASCOMA Ivory Coast offers private and corporate clients our advice, expertise and proven experience in insurance placement and risk management, tailor-made support and negotiated rates.

Benefiting from the support and expertise of Groupe ASCOMA and its parent holding Chedid Capital, ASCOMA Ivory Coast manages a diverse client portfolio: multinationals, SMEs, professionals, traders and individuals while adapting to their local and international needs.

With a team of multidisciplinary experts, ASCOMA Ivory Coast supports its clients in all sectors of economic life: mining and forestry – oil and gas – transport – construction, Public Works, road Networks – retail – banking – utilities.

ASCOMA Ivory Coast offers coverage solutions for you, your family and your properties, as well as your financial investments. Thanks to our personalized support, our teams help you clearly understand all the financial consequences related to the unforeseen risks of everyday life: accident, damage and loss. Our proposed insurance solutions cover all types of risks on specially negotiated terms with extended coverage.

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