Your career at Ascoma

People come first

Our employees are our main asset. In our business, the human factor plays an essential role since our employees must listen to our customers to provide them with personalized solutions and ensure personal efficient and benevolent support.

Committed to diversity

Over the past 15 years, ASCOMA has grown considerably on the international level, tripling its workforce. Today, the group has offices in 29 locations in 23 countries (mainly in sub-Saharan Africa) and employs more than 700 people. With 36 nationalities represented, we favor cultural diversity by valuing local human resources and promote the renewal of generations with an average age of 40 years for a seniority of 7 years.

Committed to equality

We pay particular attention to equal opportunities by maintaining a constant rate of gender parity and ensuring that every employee has access to the same opportunities, regardless of gender.

Reveal the potential

Our main objectives are to combine your skills with the needs of our group and to motivate you in a dynamic professional environment. This ambitious personnel management policy reconciles individual aspirations and collective objectives. Our human resources department supports each employee to enable them to best express their skills and develop them according to their aspirations and potential. Employees have the opportunity to evolve either in their home country or abroad.

Your career at ASCOMA