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Who we are

Established in Ouagadougou in 2013, ASCOMA Burkina Faso operates insurance and reinsurance brokerage activities throughout the country.

ASCOMA Burkina Faso is under the supervision of the Regional Hub of the West Africa Zone based in Ivory Coast.

Burkina Faso at a glance*

  • Population: 20.3 million inhabitants
  • Area: 274,500 km2
  • GDP/capita 2019: 775 (USD)
  • Real GDP growth 2019: 5.7%

*Source: Rapport du CIAN 2021

Florentin Kaoume
Florentin Kouame
Subsidiary Director
  • Avenue Joseph Badoua – AFEC – Rue Lycée Français Saint-Exupery 10 BP 13105 Ouagadougou
  • (+226) 25 40 11 72 | 25 40 11 73
  • Du lundi au vendredi: 7h30 ->12h30 – 13h30 ->17h30

A pioneer in health insurance, ASCOMA Burkina Faso has developed one of Groupe ASCOMA’s showcase products. With the ASCOMA Health Card, companies and individuals can cover current medical expenses including optical, dentistry, pharmacy, consultations and hospitalization. Today, ASCOMA Burkina Faso’s third-party care network and state-of-the-art communication tools have expanded throughout the country, enabling our clients to have optimal access to healthcare.

ASCOMA Burkina Faso offers coverage solutions for you, your family and your properties. By choosing to be insured at ASCOMA, you opt for the best possible coverage at the best price on the insurance market in Burkina Faso.

ASCOMA Burkina Faso also looks for the best coverage for you in terms of health and retirement insurance products (accident insurance, life insurance, supplementary pension, funeral insurance) allowing you to fully understand all the financial consequences related to these types of risks.

Benefiting from the support and expertise of Groupe ASCOMA, and its parent holding Chedid Capital, ASCOMA Burkina Faso manages a portfolio of very varied clients – multinationals, SMEs, professionals, traders, individuals – while adapting to their local and international needs with the ability to represent and respect its commitments and values in challenging times.

Our team’s expertise and technical know-how in relation to risk analysis, our in-depth knowledge of the local business environment and solid relationships established independently with all insurance companies enable us to offer our clients tailored solutions in all sectors of economic life:

Agriculture – Energy Creation – Power Plant Management – Fishing – Aquaculture – Services – Communication – Telecommunications – Large Retailers – Extraction Industries – Textile Industries – Outsourcing – Banking – Construction/Public Works – Transportation – Oil Industry.

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