Assurance Construction

Address all types of risks related to your business to benefit from protection adapted to your company and its stakeholders’ requirements.

All companies in the construction sectors regardless of their size and specificity.

Our knowledge of possible complications and problems related to your business sectors allows us to provide you with local services, adapted to your expectations.


To simplify the path from the beginning of a project to its completion, we advise you to take every precaution along the way. These precautions include subscribing for a Construction All Risk insurance to avoid any permanent stop of a project due to any unrepaired damage.

Beyond the legal obligation, certain disruptions in the course of construction, sometimes catastrophic, can be caused by:

  • – Landslide
  • – Flood
  • – Storm
  • – Collapse
  • – Subsidence of a slab, the fall of a crane or the improper operation of a machine
  • – Fire, the main cause of claims during construction, following a discarded cigarette, a poorly completed weld, a construction site floodlight placed too close to the frame.

Construction insurance

To ensure the stress-free completion of all your works, we offer the following insurance:

  • – Construction All Risk Insurance: material damage to works under construction.

The All Risk Insurance contract provides a global coverage up to the total cost of the project. It is a tailored made contract covering each specific construction site and accidental damage affecting the site during the works.

  • -Third-party liability insurance of the contractor: potential damages and inconvenience caused to third parties (neighbors, for example).

Professional and decennial third-party liability in construction for:

  • – Designers, contractors, architects, design offices
  • – Developers, real estate agents
  • – Project owners
  • – Companies, artisans

Performance bond

Intended to protect owners, a performance bond acts as an insurance policy, usually for the real estate developer, to guarantee that the contractor will complete the works under the contract. This insurance makes it possible to finance the completion of the works in case of default.

ASCOMA advises all contractors, subcontractors, developers and suppliers in the implementation of their work on the construction sites.

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